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Heroes of Myth
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HoM Fun in Tacvi

Nidane, May 17, 09 11:35 AM.
A small group of HoM went to explore Tacvi and play around with the first few events, and here is the result

Heroes Enter Demi Plane of Blood!

Openhands, Aug 20, 08 5:25 AM.
After a very busy few weeks of raiding and some tremendous first kills under our belt like Council of Nine and the Relic Dragons,  Heroes of Myth stepped it up a little this weekend and with a full COA clear (minus OMM) on Saturday evening we decided to pop our heads into a new zone...

Welcome Heroes of Myth to Demi Plane of Blood!

The Heroes turned out in force and in reminiscent of days gone by the Raid Window and Raid Task was FULL with 54 Members!!

A tremendous effort saw us survive the first 3 sightings of Zi Thuul and then come so close on the final spawn but not quite make it, we re-grouped and got our act together, not to be defeated we stepped up to the plate and knocked Zi Thuul back down with a perfect kill.

Congratulations HoM on our first DPoB Kill!!

Watch this space for some more first kills, expect an OMM or Vish kill posted here soon!!!

Bakabakka, Sep 9, 07 11:29 PM.

Bakabakka, Sep 9, 07 11:28 PM.

Our Founder - Openhands - May we carry on his dream

Bakabakka, Aug 30, 07 6:02 PM.

Bakabakka, Nov 30, 06 10:55 PM.

Bakabakka, Nov 5, 06 7:31 PM.



Welcome to Heroes of Myth

What is Heroes of Myth?
The definition of a hero is this..

1. In mythology and legend, a man/woman, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his/her bold exploits, and favored by the gods.

2. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life

So, as grouping together we became the...

Heroes of Myth

A guild on the Bristlebane Server that is dedicated to conquering all that we face, we will not back down from the face of pure evil and we will emerge victorious.. no matter what it takes.

As Heroes we are driven to help each other and achieve all we can for our fellow Heroes, we created this guild to be everything we felt we wanted from a guild, helpful, knowledgeable and crazy enough to try anything once.
Our main aim is to enjoy our playing time and get everyone involved as much as possible.

There are no upcoming events.

HoM Wants You!
HoM is currently recruiting all classes level 70 or higher. Please contact one of our officers for more information.

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